23 June 2011

The Top Five - Jennifer and Diane Moments

In case you're not aware, my friend Diane and I have been pals since September of 1986. We have been through it all and have some great memories. Some of which we were recalling tonight over appetizers. At one point I grabbed my pen and notebook out of my purse and told her that our memories would be tonight's Top Five list. I'm not sure if it's cheating when you have a collaborator for Blogger Challenge...I hope not.

1. Shopping for Christmas Gifts on South Street.

Sophomore Year of high school, Diane and I went to South Street to do our Christmas shopping for our friends, including each other. While in Tower Records, I picked up a Smiths tape for myself and I believe she chose a Love and Rockets tape. Instead of just buying our own items, we decided they would be each others Christmas gifts so I paid for Love and Rockets and she paid for The Smiths. We exchanged bags outside and acted truly surprised at the contents of each bag and thanked each other profusely.

2. Making An Entrance.

Also Sophomore Year, we went to a high school party. We think it was Pat Duffy's birthday, but cannot be sure. We remember walking through the house and being told the party was in the basement. We both went to walk first down the flight of stairs and ended up falling on our butts and sliding down the entire staircase, right into the middle of the festivities. We still swear that the record screeched to a halt and everyone stared at us for a minute before going back into their conversations.

3. Mad Cow Disease.

In May of 1995, we took a trip to London together and ate just enough not to get alcohol poisoning. However, what we did eat was steak. And steak. And then there was the night we ordered steak. And just as we washed down the last bite, the Mad Cow Disease story broke. And for the following year or two whenever one of us got a hangnail, we were convinced it was the beginning of the end.

4. The Glow Bra.

Okay, this happened to a friend (who I will not name because I don't have permission), but Diane and I were there. On night we were at the club we always frequented...Revival. At one point on the dance floor a black light came on and our nameless friend was laughing that you could see a spec of white fuzz glowing here and there on our black clothing. And then we looked at our friend. Our friend whose white bra was glowing right through her black shirt for the whole world to see.

5. The Little Guy Under the Kitchen Table.

One night at a small gathering of friends, Diane and I may have drank too much. The group decided to play with a Ouija Board, but the oracle was missing. One of the guys said the oracle was in his car and I ran to go get it. I did, and ended up hooking up with said guy in the woods.

There was another boy there who was living in the basement of the house. Evidently he accessed it through a trap door in the floor under the kitchen table. Diane ended up hooking up with that guy.

After these hookups, we both separately wondered to a field behind the house we were hanging out in. We laid down together, side by side, under the stars.

"I just hooked up with [insert name here to protect the innocent]," I said, picking leaves out of my hair.

"I hooked up with the the little guy who lives under the kitchen table," she replied.

"Huh? He what?"

And that's when we may have have passed out cold.

It's Blogger Challenge week and that mean Cousin Elizabeth and I are in serious competition! Well, not really, we're just blogging on the "Top Five" of anything we chose. Read Liz' blog here.

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