24 June 2011

The Top Five - Things I Will Be Doing This Weekend

1. Water My Garden While the Local Ducks Play.

There is a stream that runs gently behind where I live and it is a haven for the duck community. Every spring there are groups of babies, waddling behind their mommies, pecking at the earth for worms. If you have any love of animals or nature, you can't help but be in awe of their communities. Because they see some of us so frequently, they will approach some of us without fear. Many times when I'm out watering my garden, one, two or up to a dozen ducks can be at my feet, curious to see what's going on.

2. Watch Coverage Updates of the Casey Anthony Trial.

I'm a sucker for true crime and I have been known to be seduced by the Nancy Grace show, even though she gets on my nerves...I cannot explain it. But, I have been frequently tuning in to hear what's going on with the Casey Anthony trial.

3. Refresh the Paint on my Patio Furniture.

If you read my blog normally, you may remember I re-did my patio furniture last year. I still love the look, but the table has seen some peeling and I have to sand it down and apply some fresh coats of paint. I'm hoping the humidity is low tomorrow so I can get this off my checklist.

4. Grocery Shopping.

When I got there, my cupboards where freaking bare! Yes, it's not glamorous, but I will be hitting Wegmans sometime this weekend; most likely early Sunday morning. I am already dreaming of the delicious fresh fruit...

5. Old Navy.

I hear Old Navy is having a special on tanks this weekend...only $2! Whoo-hoo! I think I may run over there tomorrow and pick a few up. I also have a $5 coupon so depending on what they have I may walk out with more than a couple tank tops.

It's Blogger Challenge week and that mean Cousin Elizabeth and I are in serious competition! Well, not really, we're just blogging on the "Top Five" of anything we chose. Read Liz' blog here.

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