06 June 2010

Come have a seat...

I've had IKEA's Bollo outdoor table and chairs for years and they have served me well. And, they've taken a beating. Not only have the endured sun bleaching, but they have twice had paint spilled on them from the patio above mine. (For some reason it never dawns on people that what spills off the second floor balcony lands on the first floor patio.)

I had intended on staining the set again this summer in the dark brown they have always been until I happened to be in Home Depot and spotted this paint.

Look how sun damaged the poor little set is!

It's amazing what some paint can do, isn't it?

Add some cute cushions and we're all set!


Liz Anne said...

Love them! It looks great.

toni said...

what a difference! so inviting!

Happy Me said...

What a beautiful job!