08 July 2013


Yesterday morning I had breakfast at the local diner. Halfway through my meal the waitress announced that the man who had just left handed her $300, told her he wanted to pay for the current patrons and for her to keep the rest as a tip. I assume he won big in AC and was on his way home. How cool is that though? The waitress walked off with a tip of $260! (Oddly enough, this is the second time someone I didn't know paid my tab in a diner!)

Today at work my department was playing a kickball game against another department. My company always comes up with neat activities for the employees. I was cheering my team on as an ice cream truck pulled up next to us in the parking lot. They were giving away free ice cream for 95.7 BEN FM. Both teams and those of us cheering them on all got a free ice cream and took our picture in front of the truck.

Two days in a row with free treats. I wonder who's going to buy me an iced coffee tomorrow afternoon????

Thank you for the freebies!

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